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also an excellent way to keep track of your travel spending.

We were tasked with creating an application to help ease the burdens of travel. The result of my efforts is Khonsu, a travel budgeting app that displays trip expenses in an orderly easy to understand fashion.

Problem Statement

After several interviews and surveys, we have determined budget is the biggest concern amongst working-class travelers. Therefore aggregating and collecting those expenditures to display in one location is paramount in helping people having a relaxing travel experience.

Khonsu aims to solve this issue by creating a mobile environment where travel purchases can be uploaded or bought in-app and then displayed in a friendly easy to understand way. Helping you set, plan and purchase your travel expenses.

I sent out a general survey to get some initial data, all leading towards budget being the biggest issue people face when traveling, but what lead me to the idea of a budgeting app was one thing each interviewer said:

“I go on vacations so I don’t have to worry about things like budget, I want that done beforehand.”
--Interviewee 1

“Working out a spending plan for lodging, flights, and activities is a very big concern for me.”
--Interviewee 2

User Persona

Story Board

User Journey

LoFi Prototypes

First iteration

User testing yielded a lot of insight on what was a good button versus what wasn’t it lead me to start thinking about local button placement in relation to other components such as the navbar.

Second Iteration

My second round of user testing showed a lot of evidence that people knew to touch certain areas of the budget circle, enabling for a much more simplified design.

HiFi Prototypes/User Flows

Setting the lodging budget

Buying a new flight

Adding a new trips