Scout is a application designed to help pet guide owners through medical emergencies for their pets.

Mission Statement

When an emergency situation arrises with a pet, there isn’t a clear way to address the issue immediately at home, locate nearby emergency veterinarian, notify them that you’re on your way, or send them all the necessary information, such as vet records, insurance, or payment information.

In a time where people view their animals as members of the family, a mobile application should exist with services to store necessary information, contact urgent help to calm pet-owners, alert veterinary professionals for prompt care, and ultimately, save lives


Personal testimonials

From the results of the study, design documents were created to guide the process.

User Persona

Journey Map

What else is out there?

Style Guide

User Flows

Accessability testing

Our color palette was chosen based on the survey results of what colors people associated with an emergency, red, and what colors the associated with calm, green. This color palette can be problematic so extra time was spent doing some research and testing to make sure the application was accessible to all.